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Accelerate your ability to deliver

Building Healthy Organizations that Hum 

How We Help

We focus on creating sustainable organizations for the future; thinking about how to engage people through culture, creating meaningful agile practices, and finding the challenges that prevent your organization from running smoothly. We dig in and find the gaps and offer new solutions, as well as ideate with teams that need new working models. We care about leadership, culture, and running lean and effective organizations. Are you ready to evolve? That's what we are here for. 


Leadership and Culture

Everything comes down to the way you lead and the culture you create. This is something that is crafted through your everyday practices, the values you live by, and the words that you use. We help organizations unlock the power of their potential through tapping into the underlying culture and leadership. Accelerate your ability to deliver through impactful leadership and designing your culture. 

White Sand and Stone

Agile Teams

For teams to be Agile, they need to move fast and be nimble. These days, teams may know the basics of Agile, but they are still struggling. Finding the team's flow & rhythm and forming a well-balanced team is just as important as the process. Take your teams to the next level of motivation, collaboration, and transparency, and redefine "high performance."

Zen Stones

Operational Efficiency

Every organization wants to be effective, but so many struggle to be in practice. Separating the forest from the trees is a key skill, one that requires stepping back and asking what are we trying to accomplish. After establishing the bigger picture, we design practices to ensure that execution aligns with impact. We help weed out unnecessary practices of habit and align action with impact. 


We are leaders from different industries that saw the need to tie leadership development and executive coaching with the reality of team challenges and agile practices. We bring different worlds of thought together, and leverage our enterprise and start-up experience to powerfully impact the world of business. We are a woman-owned and operated company that cares about shifting the way that we think and work by incorporating more Hansai "self reflection" to the way we work. Typically companies operate without taking the time to reflect and learn, and while we appreciate the speed of needing to get things done, so many of our clients often don't operate as effectively or efficiently as they could if they paused and asked the crucial questions. That's what we are here for, the dynamic team that will help your organization hum like it never has before. Sometimes you have to slow down, look and learn, in order to speed up. We are here for you. To help you transform, from the inside out. 

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